Native Browser is an online tool that allows you to determine which plant species will likely succeed based on your site conditions. Please indicate your site factors according to the seven categories shown below. If you do not know the information, please leave it blank. The more detail you provide, the more customized the plant list that will be generated. If your site has many different existing conditions (i.e. areas of full sun, partial shade and full shade with several soil types), parse the site into separate zones with similar conditions and generate a separate list for each zone. After you make your selection, press submit to see the viable species list.

Display Ecoregion Map
50 - Northern Lakes and Forests
51 - N. Central Hardwood Forests
52 - Driftless Area
53 - SE Wisconsin Till Plains
54 - Central Corn Belt Plains
55 - Eastern Corn Belt Plains
56 - S. Mich/N. Ind Drift Plains
57 - Huron/Erie Lake Plain
61 - Erie Drift Plains
69 - Central Appalachians
70 - Western Allegeny Plateau
71 - Interior Plateau
72 - Interior River Valleys and Hills
83 - E. Great Lakes and Hudson Lowlands
Full Sun
Partial Sun
Sandy Loam
Silty Clay
Upland Dry (18"+ above NWL)
Upland Moist (4"-18" above NWL)
Saturated (0"-4" above NWL)
Emergent Shallow (0"-4" below NWL)
Emergent Deep (4"-18" below NWL)
Aquatic (18"+ below NWL)
Acidic (<6.5)
Neutral (6.5 - 7.5)
Alkaline (>7.5)
Deer Resistant
Salt Tolerant

Disclaimer: This tool does not guarantee the success of the selected species and is not responsible for final project success. Many variables affect the outcome of a native planting project. For best results, we recommend having a Cardno Ecological Resource Specialist perform a thorough site inspection and prepare a detailed, customized planting plan for your site, including site preparation, installation methods, timing, species lists, and recommended maintenance regime. For more information, please contact us.